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A Message 4 You

For You…

For You… who have lost your way and wandered until now not knowing who you truly are.

For You… who have been robbed of your destiny believing that you were no one important.

For You… the innocent wide-eyed little girls who had dreams that were lost along the path of destruction.

For You… the little ones who danced freely and happily only to eventually have your freedom and safety taken from you by the enemy.

For You… who do not believe in beauty or destiny or purpose.

For You… who have lost your faith or maybe never even had it.

For You… who think and believe that you do not matter.

For You… who stand in front of the mirror wondering who is looking back at you.

For You… who pick yourself back up and say I WILL NOT STAY HERE—THIS IS NOT WHO I AM.

For You… who believe there is more than this.

For You… who SHOUT into the night expectantly and desperately heal me, deliver me, show me my beauty!

For You… who feel something new and strong rising in you.

For You… who look to the horizon and see your transformation coming.

For You… who lift your arms to the heavens and say “Yes God.”

For every one of you —- God loves and restores.

This Is For All Of You.

Annie Velazquez

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