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The Battle 4 Beauty Makeover Series | Who Should Register? The Battle 4 Beauty is for the wounded warrior.  The woman who has been taken out of the fight at the hands of another.  She has lost her identity, destiny, ...

The Battle 4 Beauty Makeover Series | Who Should Register?

Abuse Recovery, The Battle 4 Beauty

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UNCOVER YOUR IMAGE NEW CLASS STARTING MARCH 2016 - REGISTRATION OPENS DECEMBER! Register Now!   Uncover your Image guides you on an exploration of your current beliefs about yourself, assisting you in bringing ...

REGISTER NOW! BEGINNING SPRING 2016 Uncover Your Image Class | Basic Training 101

Abuse Recovery, The Battle 4 Beauty, Uncover Your Image

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Do you believe you are beautiful?   Reveal Your Beauty will help you reach for a vision of yourself far beyond what you feel or think you perceive.  True Revelation of Beauty comes from the one who designed you.  ...

REGISTER SPRING | BEGINNING SUMMER 2016! Reveal Your Beauty | Basic Training 201

Abuse Recovery, Reveal Your Beauty, The Battle 4 Beauty

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Who do you identify with?  Show Your True Colors will encourage you to embrace your uniqueness and live authentically. You will learn to balance living in healthy relationships while simultaneously preserving your own ...

REGISTER SUMMER | BEGINNING FALL 2016! Show Your True Colors | Basic Training 301

Abuse Recovery, Show Your True Colors, The Battle 4 Beauty

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 Fitness is the theme for Discover Your Shape.  Physical, spiritual, mental and emotional fitness training is not for the couch potato!  You will recognize the value of increasing your weights to a level that challenges ...

REGISTER FALL | BEGINNING WINTER 2017! Discover Your Shape | Basic Training 401

Abuse Recovery, Discover Your Shape, The Battle 4 Beauty

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Fashion Your Focal Point is all about looking at what others look at when they look at you!  In addition to what type of clothing you choose to wear, focal points are created by what you specifically focus on in your ...

REGISTER WINTER | BEGINNING SPRING 2017! Fashion Your Focal Point | Basic Training 501

Abuse Recovery, Fashion Your Focal Point, The Battle 4 Beauty

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Unveil Your Camouflage looks at the tools and the reasons you use to keep from unveiling your true self to the people you interact with every day. You will learn the distinction  between camouflage needed for protection ...

REGISTER SPRING | BEGINNING SUMMER 2017! Unveil Your Camouflage | Basic Training 601

Abuse Recovery, The Battle 4 Beauty, Unveil Your Camouflage

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In Shape Your Style, you will learn the significance of your personality (your soul) as a key dynamic in your likes and  dislikes.  Some outfits have the style already built in while other outfits need you to create ...

REGISTER SUMMER | BEGINNING FALL 2017! Shape Your Style | Basic Training 701

Abuse Recovery, Shape Your Style, The Battle 4 Beauty

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Accessorize Your Design Is the final phase of Basic Training—your transformation is complete! You will conclude your training by learning the skills necessary to accessorize yourself from head to toe.  You will ...

REGISTER FALL | BEGINNING WINTER 2018! Accessorize Your Design | Basic Training 801

Abuse Recovery, Accessorize Your Design, The Battle 4 Beauty